A recap of SOUP #1 projects

A few people have got in touch to ask for more details of the four projects that presented at the Mossley SOUP #1 dinner. Here’s a short recap of the project ideas and the people and groups developing these initiatives. If you want to know more about these projects then do follow the links and get in touch the organisers. I’m sure they will appreciate any help, support or advice you can offer.

  • Mossley Community Centre – Annual Horticulture Show – To support Mossley Community Centre, which is a registered charity run by a group of very dedicated volunteers, in the delivery of a horticultural show for all ages to include arts and crafts, home bake, flower arranging, home grown produce, recycling and photography. Find out more and get involved in Mossley Community Centre.
  • DE-press-ON App – To support the development of a new mobile app to help people who suffer from depression. An app that not only takes a lighter approach to helping people, but also concentrates on one key learning from my experience. It’s the people that have our condition and the people affected by it (partners, family and friends) that can really make a difference to each other. Learn more about the progress of the DE-press-ON App.
  • Friends of Mossley Park – Cutting Hedge in the Park – This is your chance to ‘prune out of the box’, unleash your inner gardener and create an amazing green sculpture through the art of topiary. We are hoping to harness the creativity and time of the people of Mossley to fashion unique creations which represent all the amazing activities that go on in Mossley. Discover more and support Friends of Mossley Park.
  • Mossley Dog Rescue – A local community organisation, run completely by volunteers, helping to rescue abandoned and unwanted dogs and also helping them to find new permanent homes. Mossley Dog Rescue aims to promote responsible dog ownership in the local community through local schools and community settings and to encourage younger generations to understand the importance of dog welfare and positive training requirements. Learn more and get involved in Mossley Dog Rescue.