Good ideas powered by SOUP!

Learn more about Mossley SOUP

Mossley SOUP brings people together to make good things happen in our town.

We’re a team of volunteers who host community crowdfunding dinners to support new ideas and exciting projects in Mossley. Everyone is invited, and for a recommended minimum £5 donation, you’ll receive tasty soup, bread, entertainment, four presentations and a vote.

Each presenter has four minutes to share their project idea, followed by four questions from attendees. After the presentations, everyone casts their vote and the project or idea with the most votes takes home all of the money raised on the door to carry out their project.

Winners come back to a future Mossley SOUP event to report on their project’s progress.


With love from Detroit

Mossley SOUP is based on the Detroit SOUP model of community-based development through crowdfunding, creativity, collaboration, democracy, trust and fun.

SOUP offers a space where people can connect. The rest is up to attendees, but wonderful things can happen when people come together. From its origins in the USA, the simple concept of SOUP has taken root in towns and cities across the globe.

Here in Mossley, we’ve stuck pretty close to the original SOUP model but added a few extra ingredients. Read about our past events below and join us at our next event to give your support and see what it’s all about.

Past winners

Mossley SOUP #1 – Mossley Horticultural Show – £670

Mossley SOUP #2 – Save Our Community Spaces (SOCS) – £545

Mossley SOUP #3 – Tots R Us Playgroup – £639

Mossley SOUP #4 – Mossley Town Team Stewards – £824

Mossley SOUP #5 – Mossley Social Club for Disabled Adults – £930

Mossley SOUP #6 – Mossley Skatepark Development – £1,216

Mossley SOUP #7 – Micklehurst Cricket Club Junior Section – £1,726

Mossley SOUP #8 – Micklehurst Estate Residents Association – £1,229

Mossley SOUP #9 – Town Centre Plantings – £1,346

Mossley SOUP #10 – Mini Meditators AN – £1,346

Mossley SOUP #11 – George’s Den – £1,326

Mossley SOUP #12 – S.P.E.L.L. Youthclub – £1,447

Mossley SOUP #13 – Lifeline Community Ambulance – £1,031 (+£100 each for the 3 runners-up)

Mossley SOUP #14 – Mossley Community Centre SOS – £1,484 (+£100 each for the 3 runners-up)

Mossley SOUP #15 – Tameside’s People 4 Wildlife – £1,721 (+£100 each for the 3 runners-up)

Mossley SOUP #16 – Reclaim Tentwear – £1,653 (+£100 each for the 3 runners-up)

Mossley SOUP #17 – Reclaim River Tame – £1,408 (+£100 each for the 3 runners-up)


Mossley SOUP event attendees and supporters have raised £22,041 for local projects and new ideas.